Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tough Love- What's your Price?

9:02 This is like a mix of Sabado Gigante/Price is Right !!!

9:05 Of course Taylor knows the price of the Movado watch- on the nose!

9:07 MY BOOBS! 11,000 dollars.

9:08 She dated a plastic surgeon just to get boobs??? This is a first.

9:13 "Cuz they're breok."- Taylor

9:17 Our shit connects.

9:19 What is the deal with the dress thing? Ladies, get a life.

9:20 He's looking good, he's looking All-American. - Liz

9:26 What's your favorite 80s band?

9:32 Angel- let's talk. Do you have a credit card? Do you have a bank card?
Why did you buy

9:41 I think Taylor needs an intervention - let's do it while we're drunk and in a hot tub.- Lauren

9:44 You are too hungry! You are a maneater!

9:56 Puppy Dog eyes from Liz. That's not gonna work for me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ms. Berry's Breakdown !!!

10:58 I went to Hebrew school- it was called WESLEYAN. (Pre Ray J banter)

11:02 This show is a Broke ass amazing race right now!!!

11:04 This reminds me of America's Next Top Model and their foolery (running around different cities).

I'm going to go eat shit if he asks me too!!!- HEARTBREAKER

11:08 EXTRA just ate like 4 chili hot dogs. WOW that's real love.

11:09 Why does the bodyguard need a stop watch to time these women eating chili hotdogs?

11:13 Why do they need 4 men at the basketball hoop??

11:18 Caliente is dressed like a Harlem Globetrotter.

11:24 Mz. Berry has a breakdown about coming in last. OMG.

11:32 Caliente can't conjugate the present continuous but she knows the word "aphrodisiac"????

11:36 I didn't know I was gonna feel like this !!!

11:38 OMG she didn't just leave 4 poems under his door.

11:41 I am feeling like a crazy person. Maybe because you are a crazy person Mz. Berry.

11:48 Extra is a hot mess. She's coming to his room with questions on broke ass piece of paper.

11:56 Nobody has fought harder than I have !!!!

11:58 EXTRA gets the boot !!!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

For the Love of Ray J, Se.2 Ep. 6 - Brandy's Back!

11:02 OK Extra is still insane- which version of her multiple personalities will she be today?

11:04 Jaguar your ship has sailed!!! If you didn't kiss him when you were wearing just a thong, you won't kiss him later.

11:05 MOESHA is back !!!!! Hallelujah.

11:06 Okay seriously I know her real name is Leila, and that may be biased, but I feel that she is fantastic! Her yellow outfit is bananas. She is a crazy bee.

11:07 I think it should be a feature in every episode that at least one person needs subtitles.

11:11 See, I can't stop loving myself (leila/exotica) because she was singing in portuguese. i love the music of that language.

11:13 Me gustan las reinas de oro !!!

11:15 WOLF PACK??? Terrible name. She-wolf pack would have been better.

11:17 Afro-electricity baby !!!!

11:18 I've got RAY J Fever.

11:19 Please tell me Jaguar and Ray J have another awkward date.

11:21 Their date is so budget! Jaguar is still wearing her outfit from the singing competition.

11:22 I started getting tear-eyed because i've been hurt before. -Jaguar (why are you on this reality show jaguar???)

11:28 Didn't he do this same song with Cocktail ????

11:29 She so wants to be a singer. It's so transparent !!!

11:30 This show should be called "Ray J's" harem.

11:34 The best thing about what's happening is what's happening.

11:37 Jaguar has no waist or hips. I am scared.

11:40 Caliente clock-blocked Exotica.

11:44 I'm what you would call a white.

Extra is SELF-DESTRUCTING in the game.

11:45 Operation: cock block has begun !!!

11:50 Every time it gets down to 2 glasses, i always say "2 girls, 1 cup".

11:56 She is dressed like a genie. - Lauren re: Exotica

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tough Love Episode 3!

Even before the show starts i learned "sexy is the square root of sex"

9:02 Confident, Fun, Approachable (Apparently this is what guys want)

9:03 Sexy was born the day that I was born! - Taylor

9:04 Is this the same Angel that strips ???

9:06 The quiet ones are always the freaks.

Oh snap! Steve flipped the script and showed the men their sexy photos!! Hilarity ensues.

9:19 ok i had a food break. (sorry about that...i shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.)

9:20 I was "tickled pink" when i found out I was going cage fighting.- Liz

9:26 Why are they allowed to do sleeper holds on this show?

9:27 Ok business lady just transformed into Michelle Obama.

9:28 "If you are good on your feet, your probably good off your feet" - Steve
(what does this mean???)

9:30 Jenna needs to get it together. Look woman you're attractive!

9:31 Why are these women acting like they have never seen hot guys before???

9:36 This montage of dancing is CRAZY! i can't even describe this foolery.

9:39 Taylor fell asleep at the table. too much white wine. sigh- what else is old?

9:40 Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon. - Taylor

9:42 Sally is the "winner"!

9:49 Uhoh. do i or do i not date the cage fighter?

9:50 There are 2 in the hot seat! A "tough love" first.

Monday, November 23, 2009

For the Love of Ray J 2, Episode 3

11:03 And now we're off !!! THANK GOODNESS.

11:05 MZ BERRY is getting scared about her feeling for Ray. How about the feelings for your two kids who you left at home??? Yeah, let's talk about that !!!

11:05 I'm used to getting just what I want by smiling- ADORABLE

11:06 A warehouse? Costumes? Is this a porno?

11:07 Evan: Like Diddy needs MORE PUBLICITY.
Leila: I know right? This show comes on before "I wanna work for Diddy".

11:09 I have never had a photo shoot experience but I know how to dress men - ADORABLE

11:14 A bed is the symbol of the night. - FLOSSY

11:16 They have taken Sean John and Ray J to the moon. Maybe that's a good thing.

11:17 He looked like a gangsta gymnast - LUSCIOUS

11:21 JAGUAR and Ray J solo date. Seems like you just reused the Sean John set to make the date. Lame.

11:24 Flippin' the Ray J is taking photos of JAGUAR.

11:25 How can JAGUAR not want to kiss Ray J ?? Like why are you prancing around in panties if you're not interested in at least a smooch? Ray J got rejected 2 times- hahahahahaa.

Seriously the replay of the failed kiss (#2) was EPIC. God bless the editors of this show.

11:30 I'm keepin' it one hunded (meaning: I'm keeping it one hundred percent honest) - Ray J

11:31 We would have came back with chapped lips. That's how much I would have been kissing him. - EXTRA

11:32 A jacuzzi is a perfect place for people to get to know one another.- Ray J

11:33 Can you imagine calling your mom asking her for a pep talk for being on "For the Love of Ray J"???

11:37 Every time I watch this show it makes me so happy I don't have in L.A.

11:38 You know what I like about you? How much you say "like". - Ray J

11:39 I can see that PLATINUM's days are numbered. She's not dynamic enough to me.

11:40 I took them to a BOMB ASS hamburger spot. - Ray J

11:41 Revelation: Heartbreaker is a stripper!!!

can make her booty clap???? I ain't seen her booty make no kind of applause!!!- Ray J

11:42 She's acting like I'm a stripper full-time. I just get on the pole when there is nothing to do at the bar. - HEARTBREAKER

11:43 ADORABLE - get it together. It's a competition!!!

11:49 Yes Ray J speaks in the 3rd person, you're not going crazy.

11:51 HEARTBREAKER is a Latina Amy Winehouse.

11:52 Three girls, 1 glass. I'm on the edge of my seat.

11:53 Is that Popper P-O-P-P-E-R or Pauper P-A-U-P-E-R ??? - Hayley

11:54 Does he work for Orville Redenbacher????- Hayley

11:59 JAGUAR got a glass. ADORABLE goes home. Can't wait for next week !!!